The Meaning of “Veriditas”

Veriditas is the marriage of two Latin words:?Green?and?Truth.

Coined by the 12th century abbess, Hildegard Von Bingen, the word Veriditas (pronounced: ver ID ee tas) describes nature’s divine healing power, transferred from plants to humans. Hildegard created the word Veriditas to mark the moment that God heals one thru a living plant – or the “greening” power of plant medicine. The moment the plant enters and heals you is the moment of “Veriditas”!

We believe that by combining nature’s vitality with time-tested practices and modern discernment, a model for self-care evolves. We encourage you to discover and experience the living green of Veriditas. You can experience Veriditas daily through the healing power of organic foods, herbs, and essential oils.

Hildegard of Bingen

“In the beginning all creatures were green and vital. They flourished amidst flowers.” So writes Hildegard of Bingen in her praise of the greening power, the Veriditas?of God. Hildegard was a prolific writer and theologian with practical knowledge of the healing properties of plants. A talented musician, she was also gifted with discernment powers and was an able leader in her monastery. Hildegard’s unique vision and cosmology celebrated the Living Light of God in creation. Sought out for her wise counsel, she spoke out against abuses in the church and in monasteries of her time. To explore Hildegard’s herbalism and music, we recommend Hildegard of Bingen’s Medicine, Folk Wisdom Series:
Dr. Wighard Strehlow,?Gottfried Hertzka M.D.